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Salient Features of cPanel Hosting

Salient Features of cPanel Hosting:

cPanel is undoubtedly one of the most popular hosting that makes it convenient for the user to easily host and manage the website. There are hundreds of thousands of websites that are hosting in the cPanel. The reason behind is that cPanel hosting offers many distinctive features that are simply absent in the other hosting system.


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Features of cPanel Hosting:

There are many salient features of the cPanel hosting, some of them are as listed below:

  1. Simply GUI:

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is the most versatile and strong point of cPanel hosting. The user-friendly GUI enables the users to easily complete many tasks via pressing the single button provided in the panel.


  1. Easily Manage Domains and Email Accounts:

It is an undeniable fact that managing email and domain can be a headache for the majority of people, but you don’t have to face this issue while using the cPanel hosting. cPanel hosting also offers the easy options to manage the domains and email accounts of different websites hosted in the cPanel.

cPanel offers complete control to user over all the email settings, including email forwarders, auto-responders, spam/junk protection and filtering.


  1. Track Web Statistics:

cPanel also offers the complete web statistics to the users. All the users can easily take a glimpse of the web statistics and resource usage, while using the cPanel hosting. Moreover, if the website is facing any technical issues, then you can easily sort out the solution by accessing the error-logs of the website.


  1. Effortlessly Backup and Restore:

cPanel also offers the robust and seamless backup and restore option. This option comes in handy specifically at those times when something wrong has occurred to your website or your website has been hacked by someone.

cPanel offers the user-friendly backup option of the entire website or just the database file and customer has the option to restore the entire website or just the database file.

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