Computer Forensics

Beginner’s Guide to Computer Forensics

We all now live in the digital era, where the computer dominates in almost every aspect of our lives. Almost all the process today are performed by different computers. Artificial Intelligence is a new trend of the modern world that is taking the world by storm.


This is the reason that majority of industries are shifting towards the domain of Artificial Intelligence to increase their productivity and efficiency and now, Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm.


As the prospects of the digital era has increases, so does the digital crime. Now, there are countless ways of digital crimes that are taking place at different parts of the world. Luckily, we can avail the benefit of the computer forensics in order to control and detect the digital crimes.


This is a particularly new field that involves the solving of crime incident b using the different technologies and methods.


Introduction of Computer Forensics:


Computer Forensics is a new terminology that deals with the collection of digital proof with new technology. The computer forensics is basically the practice of analyzing, collecting and reporting the digital information on the legally admissible way.


This method has proved to be very successful in prevention and detection digital crimes at those locations, where the evidence is stored in a digital form in different devices likes tablets, computers and smartphones.


Computer Forensics Main Picture


Computer Forensics is a new field that is used by the Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies in different countries across the globe.


There is a misconception that computer forensic expert is same like the forensics expert, but this myth is totally wrong. Forensics is an old field that uses different technologies to solve the crimes.


However, the computer forensics is a field that involves in find the evidence from a computer that is stored in a digital way.


It is therefore best to gain access to a computer of a guilty party, before someone finds a chance to destroy the evidence.


The computer forensics expert uses different methodologies and technologies to digitally extract the evidence from a computer, laptop, tablet and smartphones.


With the advancement in the field of computer forensics, the computer forensic experts can prove to be very helpful in solving specifically those criminal cases, where the conventional crime department is unable to offer their expertise.

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